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The Ministry: Following in Christ’s footsteps

Huejotzingo is in need of God´s blessing.  We see evidence of many broken homes, children raised without one or both parents, drunkenness, and wife beating.  We follow in Christ’s footsteps, working to bring his light into the darkness. We invite children to our home, tutoring them in English, helping them with their schoolwork, and inviting them over for craft projects each a week, a weekly Sunday club, and a yearly vacation Bible school. This gives them a place they can go for Godly teaching, entertainment, and attention.  In addition, the relationships that we form with the children have opened communication with their parents.

We first began ministery in  Huejotzingo with the church, Dios es Amor, about seven years ago. Very shortly after that, Abraham was appointed the leader of the mission and the two of us  affiliated with Teach us to Pray.  We felt increasingly called to invest more time here and moved to the neighborhood so that we could be available full-time. Our prayer is to begin home churches and train others to lead groups as well so that new ones can open in many homes.

We work with our home church, Dios es Amor and are missionaries with Teach Us to Pray, international.  We are supported financially and prayerfully by several individuals and by the church St James in Newport Beach.

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